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    12-11-2017 - 2017 Group Build Results

    This post is a little bit out of sequence date wise but here is a recap of the results from the 2017 Group Build judging in August. The kit selected for this year’s GB was a Tamiya 1/48 Type 10.

    1st - Josh Jellyman
    2017 Group Build 1st place Josh Jellyman

    2nd - Derek Forrester
    2017 Group Build 2nd place Derek Forrester

    3rd - Phil Garmonsway
    2017 Group Build 3rd place Phil Garmonsway

    Followed by:
    4th equel - Paul Blondel and David Andrew
    6th equel - Darren Bently-Hewitt and Reon Webster
    8th equel - Michael Taylor and Patrick Buckley
    10th - Steve Coppinger
    11th - Karl Brown
    12th - Jaems de Klerk
    13th - Dion Barker

    16-10-2017 - Feathers & Fur. plus annual Buy, Sell & Swap night

    Meeting attendance was good with about 25 members in the hall for the annual Buy, Sell & Swap night while the display table also had a good showing with this month's theme of Feathers & Fur.

    Club business was short and sweet, as a clipboard went around the room for idea’s for future club night theme’s. If members think of anything between times please feel free to email contactmsmc@gmail.com.

    This months raffle was won by Steve Coppinger, who selected a very nice 1/72 A-10 by Academy.

    On the display table we started with Bill’s new kit, a Revell Foose Ford RD-100, which unlike a lot of previous releases is not just a re-pop of an old kit with a couple of new parts.

    Next was Jeff T with his Ventura mkII which he praised as an enjoyable build, even if he had to borrow an airbrush from a fellow club member (good teaming up)

    Pat B re-presented his Tamiya Type 10 from last months GB reveal, which he painted and decaled up in a theme inspired by the Mad Max Interceptor, while warning of the perils of Gizmo decals of which he had a lot of trouble getting to apply.

    Brae presented a in theme Mustang and an in them Camaro, with leopard print seats that really stood out with its beautiful ‘synergy green’ paint job and clearcoat which drew the eyes to all the other little details that had gone into this build.

    Mike E had perhaps the most literal interpretaion of the theme with his WWII solder holding a ginger cat. He also had a Tamiya sdkfz 231 which was actually an Italieri kit being re distributed by Tamiya that sadly had not had the Tamiya treatment and still showed many of the issues of the original release, other than the improved tyres and metal barrels.

    Gavin D reported back after an intensive 2 day painting course with Meg from Arcane Paintworks, this was Gavin’s 2nd time attending one of these courses and even a seasoned painter like Gavin took away some great tricks, tips and advice as did fellow club member and first time attendee Steve C.

    Gavin also had a trophy from a recent wargaming tournament where he was judged to have the Best Painted Army at the tournament.

    Gavin then displayed his finished work that club members have seen come together for a number of months with a number of firsts, first scifi, first large scale, first time using non metallic paints to acheive a metal look and only his 2nd diaplay peice, with highly cusomized base, scratchbuilt sign and downpipes and rust effects using baking soda and pva.

    Karl B brought us a tale of caution in that you very much get what you pay for when buying a cheap Academy 1/48 Apache as the kit had a noticeable warping through the length of the kit. Even with that in mind the final build and paint was more than acceptable and ready for the crashed chopper diorama that is in this kits eventual future.

    David A also re presented his Type 10 tank from last months GB competition and explained his goal of making it look like a NZ tank, which did not go as well as he had hoped, with a fresh out of the factory look, which was well acheived.

    David also brought a GB entry from a couple of years ago, the Italieri Puma in line with the months theme. This kit was also a prize winner at least years nationals.

    Glenn C had his 1/72 Beaufort. This kit was made by the lesser seen Frog Models company and was nicely finished in Humbrol paints and decals that were bleached in sunlight to remove the yellowing so common on older decals.

    That was it for the September meeting as we look forward to the last night to get kits on the table for the 2017 club champs and the theme of “Anything Sprung” on October 19th.


    31-03-2017 - AGM

    Phil Garmonsway's 1/16 Verlinden Us Navy Pilot Mike Ellis 1/35 Academy T34/76 Chris Carran's 1/48 Hasegawa F/A18E Super Hornet Mike Ellis 1/35 Panther kit bash

    For those not keeping track the MSMC March club meeting was the 2017 AGM. With president Patrick Buckley, secretary Michael Taylor and committee member Karl Brown all stepping down, the night was geared up for a few changes.

    I will not bore you with the details and just jump to the results.

    David Andrew was elected as the new president. He has moved up from his current committee member position in to the position he has successfully done before. Adding to his time as secretary David is a great asset to have in the committee.

    Reon Webster was re-elected to continue on as treasurer. It is handy having some consistency in this role and the committee. Reon stepped up to the role last AGM after one year as a committee member and has done an excellent job.

    New to the fold is Paul Blondell who was elected to fill a committee role. This is Paul’s first time on the committee and it is nice to see some new blood joining in the fun.

    Unfortunately, the roles of secretary and second committee member have been left vacant. But with the experience of David and Reon plus Pauls enthusiasm they will band together to cover the work load.

    I personally wish the new committee the best of luck and hope they have a great 12 months.

    With the AGM the main focus for the March meeting, the show off table is generally not as full as a normal club meeting. But you can still jump over to the Facebook page to check out the photos from the night. Points wise Mike Ellis has gown his lead with 2 great 1/35 military models (Academy T34/76 and a Panther kit bash). This has allowed him to extend his points lead by a further 75 points back to Phil Garmonsway (1/16 Verlinden Us Navy Pilot) who jumped up from 4th on the table. The only other points scorer was Chris Carran with a 1/48 Hasegawa F/A18E Super Hornet that gained him 36 more points to move into the top 5.

    Next meeting, the 20th of April has the theme of ANZAC. This has been a stable theme for MSMC in April and it is our little way of honouring the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who fought at Gallipoli.

    See you all then
    Michael Taylor
    Secretary / Web Master

    April 2017 Next Meeting

    13-03-2017 - Wheels and AGM

    Hasitha Mananwatte Trumpeter's 1/16 Jagdtiger Karl Brown's had a Tamiya 1/12 Tamiya Kawasaki James De Klerk's Takom 1/35 Object 279 Neil Lovejoy's Tamiya 1/12 Tyrrell P34

    Time feels to be flying by and its nearly time for the 2017 annual general meeting. This time around 3 roles are known to be needing replacements. But before I talk more about that let take a look back at the February club meeting.

    As we have become accustomed to, there was a great turn out of members which in turn results in a full show off table.

    Like some other meetings it was great to hear that some members picked and built their kit to align with the night's theme. For February, the theme was "Wheels, Anything But 4" and from a committee stand point it is nice to see the time spent brain-storming themes pays off.

    Easily meeting the theme was Hasitha Mananwatte Trumpeter's 1/16 Jagdtiger. Hasitha is a ridiculously fast modeller but the results he achieves look like he has been slaving away for months. At a length of 657.8mm and a width of 235mm it has a large foot print and I shudder to think how much paint was needed. Trumpeter have made an impressive kit with so much detail on the outside and the interior but it was the engine detail that impressed me the most. I know Hasitha is planning on build more 1/16 amour kits and I can't wait to see them making it to a club meeting.

    Staying with a larger scale I have to talk about Neil Lovejoy's Tamiya 1/12 Tyrrell P34 Formula One car. I am an F1 fan and even though I wasn't born when the P34 was raced I have fallen in love with it and rate as my favour F1 car. At a length of 336mm, width of 168mm and height of 83.5mm this beauty also had a large foot print for a model kit. Neil had built this a while ago but the dust could not distract me from the amazing level of detail. The V8 Cosworth Ford DFV engine looks like you could add fuel and start, it was accompanied by detailed suspension and some fabric seat belts. The only negative about the kit was the yellow decals. Right out of the box they can't block out the blue colour from bleeding through.

    We don't get many motor bikes to meetings but both Karl Brown and Dion Barker took the opportunity to build one each to suit the theme.

    Karl had a Tamiya 1/12 Tamiya Kawasaki Ninja ZX 12R painted in a very bright Candy Lime Green. By all accounts the kit was a normal high detailed, nice fitment Tamiya kit which was the total opposite to Dion's Revell 1/12 RM Kustom Chopper Crusader. The result looked good in a glittery orange but Dion didn’t have anything nice to say about this kit, so keep that in mind if you go to purchase one.

    To see the above and the rest of the models that made it to the meeting jump over to our Facebook page to view the photos.

    Moving back to the AGM this coming Thursday, 16th of March. Of the current 5 committee members, only 2 are planning to stay on. This will make the meeting very interesting to see which members will stand for the roles of president, secretary and committee member.

    With the meeting focusing on the AGM there is no theme for the night but the show off table will still be present for those that want to bring a model along.

    That is me for this update, I hope to see many members turning up to the AGM to have a say in shaping our great club.

    Until then happy building.
    Michael Taylor
    Secretary / Web Master

    Febuary 2017 Next Meeting

    07-02-2017 - January / Febuary

    Karl Browns 1/32 AMT Anakin's Podracer Paul Blondels 1/24 Tamiya Ferrari Testarossa Josh Jellmans 1/72 Fujimi SH-3 Sea King Mike Ellis 1/16 Dragon SS Trooper

    2017 kicked off even better than how 2016 closed off. Attendance-wise numbers had to be the best I have ever seen for a January and the last of us finally called it a night at 11pm. Looking at amazing models and chatting to great people is a nice way to spend 3.5 hours.

    Personally I am not a Sci-Fi person but Karl Browns 1/32 AMT Anakin's Podracer displayed on a desert scene base was so well made you couldn't help but appreciate the workmanship that went into the build.

    It was very interesting to listen to Karl about how he built the desert display. The build products included some burnt rubber, plaster of paris and some common garden bark.

    Like a magpie I am always attracted to shiny things and Paul Blondels 1/24 Tamiya Ferrari Testarossa finished in British racing green was very shiny. This was a build that had been placed on the side lines for a large number of years and Paul was surprised that he had never finished it as it was 75% finished.

    Accompanying the shiny finish was a very nicely painted engine bay and interior. The use of some colour in the engine bay made it look much better than just seeing black and aluminium.

    Check out these models plus more here

    A new year brings with it a new beginning to the Club Champs. 2016 club champ Paul Blondel was the only member to bring along 2 models allowing him to have a nice lead of 32 points. With everyone else only bringing 1 entry it is very close, but with 9 more months to go there is a lot of time to be building left.

    Februarys meeting is on the 16th and has the theme of "Wheels, Anything but 4". The theme has a large scope and it will be interesting to see what makes it to the show off tables. This meeting is also the month for handing out the 1/48 Tamiya Type-10 kits for the 2017 Group Build.

    Until then happy building.
    Michael Taylor
    Secretary / Web Master

    Febuary 2017 Next Meeting

    18-01-2016 - Tips

    Long-time club member Mike Nidd has shared some of his wisdom and written up a list of helpful building and money saving tips.

    • Picked-up eyeliner at $5/pack from Warehouse as a range weathering matrixes. You get 10 shades/pack with applicator and two packs have different shades (blues and reds). Looks remarkably like the Tamiya product at a fraction of the price
    • Use Future to stick PE. Less mess and more forgiving than superglue.
    • While on Future I'm now using it for decal application. I reckon there's a chance you can use it on a matt finish paint and not get silvering. Dries overnight and shrinks as it dries; pulls the decal right down over details.
    • Use acetone as super glue de-bonder.
    • Wonder what component of super glue accelerant is? I've dipped bits or sprayed on water on and it sets the glue off almost instantly.
    • Heat stretch Q-tip nylon sticks (carefully) for really fine diameter tubing for gun barrels etc.
    • Lead wire for brake and hydraulic lines. Easier to bend and work than wire. Various diameters available from trout fishing equipment shops.
    • Get a various diameter range of micro drills in a pack from Jaycar; much cheaper than Tamiya.
    • Typing correcting fluid (cheap from Stationery warehouse) to fix small gaps. Can be cleaned up with nail polish remover or find sanding paper.
    • Stationery Warehouse have cheap Chinese knock-off Blu-Tac; it's white coloured and great for camouflage demarcation.
    • Still at Stationery Warehouse check-out the range of sepia (for panel lines) and silver (for detailing) art pens. Silver is really bright and easier/quicker to use than paint. Also check-out the water colour pencils. These are great for minor detailing where they can be marked on model (with matt paint surface) then blended/faded with a damp brush
    • If you mix artist tubed oil paints with turps or Shellite you can get a wide variety of shades and consistencies for panel lines. A tube of oil paint will last till you fall off the perch!
    • India ink mixed with Future and diluted with a little water is a great and effective way to do shadow highlights in cockpits, wheel wells etc.
    Thanks Mike, some great stuff in that list.

    Happy building
    Michael Taylor
    Secretary / Web Master

    24-12-2016 -

    The 2016 MSMC prize giving and Christmas gathering was another outstanding meeting. Thanks to everyone bringing a plate there was plenty of food on offer and no one should have gone home hungry.

    Model-wise the show-off table was a bit light but with a great turnout just about every prize giving recipient was present. A couple of images can be found on our Facebook page.

    This year the committee decided to change it up a little bit and not hand out only certificates. For the club champs - each category winner, the overall junior winner, the overall winner, and the Group Build winner received a printed coffee mug.

    The 2016 winners are as follows, Club Camps:

    • Club Champion - Paul Blondell
    • Junior Champion - Jon De Klerk
    • For gaining the highest annual category points tally in
      • Aircraft - Karl Brown
      • Automotive - Dion Barker
      • Diorama - Reon Webster
      • Figures - Gavin Dodd
      • Military - Patrick Buckley
      • Miscellaneous - Gavin Dodd
      • Sci-Fi / Fantasy - Reon Webster
    Super Night Category Winners:
    • Aircraft - Mike Nidd,
    • Aircraft Junior - Conner Brown,
    • Automotive - Bill Redward,
    • Automotive Junior - Conner Brown,
    • Diorama - Jeff Thompson,
    • Figures - Phil Garmonsway,
    • Figures Junior - Jon De Klerk,
    • Military - Derek Forrester
    • Military Junior - Jon De Klerk,
    • Sci-Fi / Fantasy - Steve Riddy
    • Sci-Fi / Fantasy Junior - Conner Brown,
    Group Build Podium, 1/72 Airfix Mosquito
    • 1st - Paul Blondell
    • 2nd - Josh Jellyman
    • 3rd - Reon Webster
    Congratulations to the 2016 prize-giving recipients, it has been a great year with so many models turning up each month.

    Rounding out this post, on behalf of the committee I would like to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year.

    Happy building
    Michael Taylor
    Secretary / Web Master

    17-11-2016 - Super Night

    Connor Brown's Iron Man MK3 Mike Nidd's Trumpeter 1/32 F-104G Thunderchief

    Super Night last month was a great meeting with a much better turn out of models than the first running of this event last year.

    The results of the night are kept under wraps till this coming meeting, Christmas gathering and prizegiving. But you can check out what photos I did manage to snap between judging and chatting.

    The December meeting, Thursday 15th is once again a bring a plate event and has a theme of Kit From Hell / Silk Purse From Sow's Ear, I am sure we have all encountered one of those kits.

    Until then, happy building and see you all at the meeting.

    Michael Taylor
    Secretary / Web Master

    14-11-2016 - Yellow

    Tim Bromley’s Italeri 1/24 Peterbilt 378 Long Hauler Truck Paul Blondell's 1/48 Tamiya SDKFZ 231

    Wow time files very fast these days, it only feels like the MSMC October club meeting was a couple of days ago, but now the November Super Night is just days away.

    October was the last meeting for the 2016 club champs and it had a very easy to follow theme of Yellow, plus the last skills session for the year.

    The show off table had a great amount of yellow and one of the biggest and brightest yellow models had to be Tim Bromley's Italeri 1/24 Peterbilt 378 Long Hauler Truck.

    Tim is one of the clubs longest standing members and predominantly builds automotive vehicles which showed when it came to the trucks paint finish. The Dulux rattle-can yellow was super shiny, smooth and blemish free. After admiring the outside, Tim popped open the bonnet to show off how detailed the engine comes straight out of the box. Tim described the kit as a good kit and as stated above, it has a decent amount of detail straight of the box.

    Coming into the meeting, the club champs were still not decided for 2016 and points chaser Paul Blondell brought along two models, a 1/48 Dragon HE-162 and a 1/48 Tamiya SDKFZ 231. Both models were beautifully built and finished but I will focus on the SDKFZ 231 purely because it falls into the category of being so ugly it is cool.

    The German 8-Wheeld Heavy Armoured Car looks to have be design by someone that only had a ruler on hand, which was then made to look even odder by adding a bedspread long range antenna and extra externally mounted frontal armour. Pauls model was painted with Tamiya paints and then given a generous dusty weathering finish. Detail-wise the kit has ampule but it was improved with a set of Hualer exhaust mesh shroud. Apart from the mesh shrouds being super difficult to attach, Paul described the kit as easy to build which is not surprising for a Tamiya kit that has only been in production for 3 years.

    Paul's two kits took his Club champs build count to the maximum of 10 models and netted him 77 points. This allowed him to soak up the 43 points gap to original points leader Mike Ellis and claim the title of 2016 club champ.

    The only other member to enter 10 models was president Patrick Buckley, who like Paul also entered his final two models which allowed him to also leap frog Mike to take second in that standing. 9 points back, Mike was able to claim the final spot on the podium.

    Find the full points table here, plus meeting images here

    Congratulations to podium and thankyou to everyone that entered models or helped with the judging in the last 10 months. It will all start again in January.

    With the club champs now concluded, we turn our eyes to the Super Night, the club's single night competition this coming Thursday. Unlike the club champs this is where a model is judged against models in the same category. With the feedback given on the judging sheet it is a great way to find out where you sit amongst the modellers in your category.

    The hall will be setup all ready for arrivals at 7:10pm allowing for judging to begin at 7:40pm. Designated table areas for each category will be positioned around the hall, just locate the one you're after and fill in an entry sheet to be left with your model.

    Please find the Super Night Competition Guide and Competition Model Info Sheet on the Paper Work page and if you have any questions before the night or on the night please feel free to contact me.

    Until then, happy building and see you all at the meeting.

    Note a separate update will be made at a later date highlighting the meetings skills session.

    Michael Taylor
    Secretary / Web Master

    17-10-2016 - Animals Plus Buy, Sell and Swap

    Hasitha Mananwatte's Revell 1/72 Tornado Phil Garmonsway's Trumpeter 1/3 A4A1 James De Klerk's Trumpeter 1/72 Merkava III Connor Brown's Iron Man

    September was the time for the clubs annual Buy, Sell and Swap night. The meeting also had a theme of Animals.

    The buy, sell and swap table was nicely filled with goodies, especially with Reon Webster bringing in a portion of his of his massive stash along with an image catalogue of the extra kits he has on his stash slim-down list.

    On the show-off table there were the likes of cows, dogs and horses accompanying the models on display.

    Hasitha Mananwatte had a few kits on display from his large collection of finished kits but the one I liked the most was a Revell 1/72 Tornado ECR "Tigermeet 2001/02". I am not an aircraft person but I do like to admiring the work done by a modeller, and this Tornado was a great build. The painting and decals had been applied very nicely resulting in an eye-catching model,

    For something totally different, - it might even be a MSMC first, well in my time with the club any way - is Phil Garmonsway's Trumpeter 1/3 A4A1 Carbine rifle. The photos don't do this model justice, the paint finish is super smooth, blemish-free and even with it being mainly black in colour each different variant of black had a nice depth and metal looking finish.

    Phil said the kit was really good, but to add to the kits detail he did make some changes. One of them was a new scratch built trigger guard, adding more detail to the magazine plus more small tweaks.

    View these models and more on the MSMC Facebook page .

    Club champs wise, September is the penultimate month to have models entered in the 2016 club champs. With the Group Build placing results now added to the totals, after a missed database error has been fixed, the final results will come down to what comes along to the October club meeting.

    Long-time points leader Mike Ellis used his final build entry to add 36 more points to his total, this brings it to 361. The gap back to Paul Blondell in second is 43 points which could be a closable gap with still 86 points available to Paul with 2 fewer entries than Mike.

    The club champs is based on a maximum of 10 builds plus a Group Build results score, which means it still leaves a member the chance to bring along a heap of kits in the final month and catch everyone by surprise. But if Paul does enter a final 2 kits, his 7 Group Build points will help him have a small edge over most.

    While on the topic of club champs, it is not long until November when MSMC holds its single championship - the Super Night. This is the night that allows members to find out how their models rank against other models in the same category and another chance to get feedback for the work that has been put in.

    Before Super Night we still have the October club night on Thursday the 20th. The theme for the month is Yellow and the Skill Session is going to be a demo about sanding seam lines on canopies thanks to Hasitha Mananwatte.

    See you Thursday
    Happy building
    Michael Taylor
    Secretary / Web Master

    12-09-2016 - Animals Plus Buy, Sell and Swap

    Paul Blondells 1st place Airfix 1/72 Mosquito Josh Jellymans 2nd place Airfix 1/72 Mosquito Roen Websters 3rd place Airfix 1/72 Mosquito David Andrews Mad Max Vehicle

    On August the 18th, the Milson Community Centre provided a nice place to hide from the cold weather.

    August has become the stable month for the clubs annual Group Build competition. The idea behind the Group Build is those that enter get given the same time frame to build a kit selected by the club. This year it is the fourth running of this competition, with this years' time frame set at 5 months, and the kit selected was the Airfix 1/72 Mosquito.

    Skilled modeller Paul Blondell has dominated the 3 previous Group Builds and 2016 was no exception. He was able to once again take the top step of the podium with Josh Jellyman and Reon Webster rounding it out respectively.

    Those that have ever built this kit would know this is not Airfix's best work, and this was the one of the reasons the committee selected it - to provide a challenge and let the builders both show off and grow their modelling skills.

    Pauls Mosquito was painted in a more traditional Royal Air Force twin colour camouflage, and lightly weathered but his fellow podium-mates both went down different livery paths.

    Josh creatively went with a USA Navy Jet scheme and Reon decided to expand his skills with working with blank paint to achieve a black Royal Air Force. Both produced excellent Mosquitos and overcame the kits difficulties to try and knock Paul off the top spot.

    I personally was one of those that didn't get a kit to the finish line, but like every Group Build it was great to talk to other entrants about their experiences with the build and it is always interesting to hear about the different techniques used to tackle the kits.

    The theme for the normal portion of the meeting was "The V8 Engine", and it was awesome to see another show off table full of models. Check those models and all of the Mosquitos out in the MSMC Facebook page photo album.

    This coming Thursday, 15th September is the next MSMC club night meeting. The theme of "Animals" is something a bit different from the normal themes and the night is topped off with the clubs annual Buy, Sell and Swap.

    September is also the penultimate club champs meeting and after big mover Paul Blondell slashed Mike Ellis's lead in August, it is going to be interesting to see what makes the table in the following meetings. Mikes lead is now trimmed down to 14 points with Paul having an extra scoring entry available from the maximum of 10 entries. Plus 2014 club champ and current third placed Patrick Buckley is still mathematically in the mix.

    To finish off this update I would like to thank both David Andrew and Hasitha Mananwatte for doing an excellent job of judging the Group Build models.

    See you Thursday
    Happy building
    Michael Taylor
    Secretary / Web Master

    15-08-2016 - Not Out Of The Box + Rail X

    Phil Garmonsway's 1/12 Esci F-16 Cockpit Darren Bently-Hewitt 1/35 Tamiya Renault UE Armored Carrier Rail X raffle draw Rail X display

    July was a great month for MSMC, first off was another great club meeting on the 21st and then two days later the club was able to hold a large display at the local Rail X show.

    First up let's look back at the club meeting. I know nearly every monthly update I talk about how great the last meeting was, but it is honestly true. No two meetings are the same and each time there are different models on display and different conversations to be had about our beloved hobby. Every time I learn something new, be it from just chatting or from a skills session - now I just need to find the time to build to use all the helpful information I have gained.

    Model wise, July had a big mix of models but it was a 1/12 Esci F-16 Cockpit that took up most of my browsing time. The builder Phil Garmonsway is new to MSMC but he definitely made his modelling skills known when he talked about this build. Very little of the finished product is from the original kit which you would never know without being told, due to the seamless integration of the scratch built items. All of his hard work has resulted in a super detailed F-16 Cockpit nicely finished in Tamiya and Gunze paints.

    Darren Bently-Hewitt had 3 1/35 armour models on the show off table, a Tamiya Renault UE Armored Carrier, a Vision Models BA-64 and a Dragon Marder II accompanied by 2 Dragon figures. All 3 models have been brush painted with Vallejo paints and been weathered by oil paints and/or MIG pigments.

    The Renault got treated to some aftermarket items, a CMK scout tank conversion, an ET Model photo etch tool box, Renault Badge and exhaust shroud. A two tone camouflage and a small ground cover base finished off what Darren said was a really good build and his first attempt at link/length tracks.

    Just a single color camouflage was applied to the out-of-the-box built BA-64. It was then given a dose of weathering to give it a naturally used look. Accompanying the BA-64 was a scratch-built cobblestone road, side walk detailed with leaves, rubbish and a MiniArt street light. Darren noted this kit was originally a MiniArt kit but found the Vision Models reproduction was cheaper to purchase.

    Rounding out Darrens three models is the out-of-the-box built Dragon Marder II that is placed within a base that is depicting a scene in the snow. The accessories used to dress up the scene consist of two figures, some Value Gear wooden boxes and a couple other items from his spares box. The white wash on the Marder was executed nicely and gave a great result of a tank that has seen its fair share of the battle field.

    Those 4 models are just a small slice of what was on show, check out the photos here to see them and more.

    The July meeting also doubled as a skills session night. This time around, Hasitha Mananwatte treated everyone to two topics, cleaning up putty and how he uses washes to give an oily look. The putty clean-up is super simple, all you need is some nail polish remover and cotton buds. Please note that the nail polish does need to contain acetone, but don't use just straight acetone from a hardware store as this is too harsh and can damage the plastic. Rather than me describing this technique I have found a step by step guide here. Oily look wash was next in the demonstration and Hasitha gained the look by using Tamiya's black pigment liner, AK interview streaking grime for yellow vehicles, engine and turbine wash and landing gear dust effect. This was all applied to a plane's landing gear bay one after the other and unlike other guides found on the web, Hasitha doesn't wait for each layer to dry before doing the next layer. The layers got applied heavily, and if required between the layers a clean brush dipped in thinner can be used to help move the washes around. An extra tip was to turn the model to its final resting position to allow gravity to work like it would on a full scale item.

    On behalf of everyone I would like to thank Hasitha for these demos and you are more than welcome to share your skills with us anytime you like.

    With only 3 more club meetings to score points for the club champs, Mike Ellis has got a nice buffer of 92 points over Paul Blondell and third placed Patrick Buckley is only a further 6 points behind. Mike is not totally safe yet with both Paul and Patrick only sitting on 5 out of a maximum 10 models judged which is 3 models behind Mikes 8. It will be interesting to see if anyone has a big push in the proceeding months and brings multiple kits along to try and catch Mike.

    Two days after the club meeting, it was time for MSMC to feature a big display the local rail show Rail X. Thanks to Neil Lovejoy we had this opportunity and with some planning and the help of many great members we put together an excellent display. Along with the large display of models there was a raffle and a work station setup for members to use.

    In a twist, the raffle was won twice, as president Patrick had the role of picking the winner from the box of entries and somehow he came up with the only ticket he had purchased! After some laughing by both Patrick and the on-lookers, he decided he might not ever build the kit so wanted to do a redraw. Long-time member Tim Bromley was the lucky winner the second time, congrats Tim and we hope to see the finished 1/24 Emhar Bedford at a club meeting at some stage.

    The display would have never happened without the help of our members so on behalf of the committee I would like to say a huge thankyou to everyone that contributed. The support just demonstrates what a great little club we have and the comments from the public were all positive, to the point we could see some new faces at our club meetings.

    There is an album of images of the display on the MSMC facebook page, plus here is a short walk around video.

    With all that now in the past, it is time to shift focus to the August club meeting that is this Thursday the 18th. Theme wise we are paying homage to "The V8 Engine", and adding to that, it is judging time for the MSMC group build. I can't wait to see what V8 related models we get and to find out how many 1/72 Airfix Mosquitos have been built in the 5 months time frame.

    Happy building
    Michael Taylor
    Secretary / Web Master

    18-07-2016 - Born In The Cold War Era

    Mike Nidd's 1/32 Revell Supermarine Spitfire MK.1a Paul Blondell's 1/48 Junkers 52 Patrick Buckley's 1/100 Zvezda Panzer 2 Conner Brown's 1/24 Monogram 70's Boss Mustang

    June has long gone and July is stomping by fast. Before I talk about our great upcoming club meeting and our next display, let's have a recap of the June meeting.

    This time around we brought out the big tables plus an extra one to help us cope with the ever growing amount of models making it to the meetings. This worked a treat as we were not disappointed and had a great turnout.

    Highest on my list of favourite models on the night was Mike Nidds Supermarine Spitfire MK.1a. The 1/32 kit was produced by Revell and was enhanced with scratch built cockpit detail, an internal mirror, a rotol spinner, HGW seat belts and rounded off with Eaglecal decals. Paint wise, Mike used Tamiya acrylics to produce a two-tone camouflage over top of a black base coat. The whole kit was nicely weathered to give a used effect.

    Mike accompanied the MK. 1a with a 1/32 Matchbox Supermarine Spitfire MK.22. The kit had been built around 30 years ago but Mike recently has used it as an experimental buck re-painted in different shades of metallic to try and achieve a bare metal finish.

    Staying with the aircraft kits Paul Blondell's 1/48 Junkers 52 was another kit that held my attention when looking around the tables. Like all of Pauls builds this was finished to a very high standard with a two tone camouflage painted with Gunze paints. Along with the light weathering, the kit was enhanced with a CMK interior.

    With the points all added up after the meeting Mike Ellis still has a 95 points lead but is now being followed by Mike Nidd after he did a big jump up the points ladder. Paul Blondell rounds out the top 3, just 1 point behind Mike.

    Rounding out the night Paul Blondell did a demo on his Marmite chipping technique. For those that are familiar with the salt chipping technique this was very similar but Paul believed the Marmite left a more realistic painted edge than the salt.

    The Marmite is applied to the kit with a torn off bit of sponge and then painted over. Once the paint is dry wash it under some warm water to remove where the Marmite was applied.

    Here is a link to a website that shows a handful of different chipping techniques with a couple being very similar to Pauls.

    This week is a busy one for MSMC. First up is the club meeting on Thursday which has the theme of "Not Out Of The Box". The meeting is also going to have not just one, but two skill sessions. Hasitha Mananwatte is going to share how he cleans up putty filler with nail polish, and give a weathering demo using the AK washes.

    Following the meeting this weekend we are lucky enough to have a display at the Rail X display in Palmerston North. This event runs both Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th from 10am to 4pm. More details here.

    Happy building
    Michael Taylor
    Secretary / Web Master

    02-06-2016 - 2 Weeks

    Patrick Buckley's Zvezda 1/72 ISU 152 Reon Webster's Tamiya 1/12 2005 Yamaha YZR M1 Steve Grimwood's Wingnut Wings 1/32 Albatros D.VA Gavin Dodds's 32cm Figures

    The 2nd of June works out to be 2 weeks since the May club meeting and 2 weeks to go until the June meeting.

    Mays meeting was once again a great turn out of both people and models. From a committee stand point these types of successful meetings make our roles more enjoyable.

    The meetings theme was "The Italian Job" and Reon Webster's 1/12 Tamiya Valentino Rossi ridden 2005 Yamaha YZR M1 was right on the mark. Built straight out of the box, Reon described the kit as typical Tamiya brilliance. It was finished with Zero and Vallejo Metal Color paints to capture the detail to great effect.

    Our president Patrick Buckley has a love affair with 1/72 amour and has now gone a step smaller and started building 1/100 amour. This month he had one of each scale on display, both Zvezda kits. The 1/72 was a ISU 152 Soviet tank destroyer and the 1/100 was a Panzer 3. Both kits provided a good amount of detail for their scales but he did find the Panzer was a challenge for the eyesight. Humoral was Patricks choice of paints with both kits being a single color scheme and finished off with some decals out of his spares stash and a small amount of weathering.

    There were many more kits on show which can be checked on the MSMC Facbook page.

    Mike Ellis continues to lead the club champs now with 6 kits used, to take his total of 212. Paul Blondell on 151 and Reon Webster on 111 round out the top 3 but both of them are 3 kits behind Mike so they are definitely out of the running yet.

    June 16 is the next meeting and this meeting will be the first MSMC skills session this year. Paul Blondell is kindly going to demonstrate his chipping technique that he achieves by using Marmite. The night's theme is "Born In The Cold War Era, 1947 to 1991" which is a super wide open theme.

    See you then
    Michael Taylor
    Secretary / Web Master

    16-05-2016 - Land of the rising sun

    Josh Jellyman's Trumpeter 1/35 lav-25 Piranha Hasitha Mananwatte 1/24 Airfix Mosquito Darren Bentley-Hewitt's 1/35 Henschel 33 Reon Webster's Bandai 1/12 Boba Fett

    The Milson Community Centre was just about full to the brim on the 21st of April. Taking a glance around the room there were new faces among the crowd and it showed the scale modelling hobby is still semi-popular in the Manawatu.

    With so many people present, extra tables were required, to provide space for the kits on show.

    A surprise visitor Hasitha Mananwatte filled more than a single table all on his own, with a 1/24 Airfix Typhoon, 1/24 Airfix Mosquito and a 1/72 Revell U Boat Type VIIc. Hasitha is the talented model builder for the Bulls Flying Doctor Service. His kits had all been finished to a high standard and then adequately weathered. The rust weathering on the U boat produced a very realistic finish and the detailed painting on both aircraft enhanced the efforts put into to assembling them.

    Mike Ellis has continued on a roll, and once again extended his points lead by a further 25 points. His fifth scoring kit was a Tamiya 1/35 Panzer IV Lang painted in a tri-colour camouflage scheme. It was finished off with weathering depicting a tank that would have seen its fair share of action.

    Chasing Mike with 3 scoring kits is Josh Jellyman. This time around Josh had a Trumpeter 1/35 lav-25 Piranha that was also styled in a tri-camouflage scheme. Tackling the scheme for the first time with an airbrush, Josh used Blu-tack as a masking medium and produced great results for the first attempt.

    To check out the rest of the kits on show, jump over to the MSMC Facebook page.

    This month the May meeting falls on Thursday the 19th at 7:30pm. The theme is " The Italian Job ", so bring along your Italian related builds.

    May also marks the night for the MSMC annual club fundraiser auction night. It the time of year to move those unwanted scale model related items cluttering up your vital modelling space.

    See you Thursday
    Michael Taylor
    Secretary / Web Master

    28-04-2016 - Congrats

    The Scale Models Wellington IPMS clubs Model Expo and NZ IPMS Nationals was a great event to attend and even better to see MSMC members pickup up placings in multiple categories.

    David Andrew was able to use his last two Group Build kits to win their respective categories, plus gain a IPMS National Diorama category win with his Desert Diorama, which also netted him a second place in the Expo Diorama category two years ago.

    Expo Civilian Vehicles Box Stock 1st - Airfix 1/32 Ford Fiesta RS WRC
    Expo Military Vehicles Box Stock 1st - Italeri 1/48 Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma
    IPMS NZ National Diorama 1st - Desert SAS Jeeps, Troops and equipment

    Reon Webster was the only other member to take models to Wellington and he gained two Expo category placings.

    Expo Figures Under 120mm (1/16) 3rd - Scibor Miniatures 28mm Tree Man
    Expo Motorcycles 2nd - Revell 1/12 Aces Wild Custom Chopper

    Congrats to both David and Reon on your achievements, it is great to see MSMC members showing modellers from all over the country what talents we have in our very own club.

    Michael Taylor
    Secretary / Web Master

    17-04-2016 - Membership / March

    Mike Elis 1/35 Panther Turret David Andrews Mad Max build Neil Lovejoy's 1/24 Tamiya Mk2 Jaguar James de Klerk's 1/72 Modelcollect T-9-MS

    The committee has had an enquiry from a member about publishing a lists of members with their contact details. The idea is a good one as it will allow a member the opportunity to make contact with another member. It can help in opening up other interaction mediums between members and allow them to start new conversations or possibly continue with something they discussed at a meeting without having to wait until the next month.

    To help in constructing a contact list the membership form has had a small tweak to allow a member to indicate if their details can or can't be made available to fellow members.

    This updated membership form is now available on the paper work page. Sorry to anyone that has already printed out and filled in the last version but can you please scrap that one and start fresh with this newer form.

    The last website update detailed the results and changes to the committee that took place at the AGM but never commented about the kits that had been placed on show.

    Theme wise it was Work In Progress (WIP) which encouraged members to bring along build still in a being built state. It was great to get to see the other side of builds and not just the finished products.

    Points leader Mike Ellis had the only totally finished build on the table and it has helped him extend his points lead over Mike Nidd from 19 to 52. Mike Ellis static Panther Tank Turret has been used to display a true event of New Zealand troops at Rimini airfield, Italy September 1944. Like always Mikes level of detail is very high and the build was accompanied by some great reference material.

    A small correction has had to be made to the points table after an error was found in relation to the points shown for Karl Brown. Karl was very honest and pointed out he had only been awarded 35 points in March and not the 45 as shown in the points table. This error has been fixed resulting with Karl still holding onto third positon in the standings but now 11 points behind Mike Nidd and just holding off Josh Jellyman by 6 points.

    Images from the meeting can be found on our Facbook page

    With that all out of the way bring on the next meeting, 21st April, theme ANZAC.

    Michael Taylor
    Secretary / Web Master

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